On January 17th, we hosted our first Sons & Daughters Institute. Understand something about me, I’ve never had a desire to have a autocratic style of leadership. I’ve only wanted to invest the richness of wisdom, experiences, success & failures I’ve amassed over 20yrs in the ministry. I served in a Mega ministry for 12yrs, still serve my Senior Bishop who had a small church, a church planter with 10yrs of real world experience without funding, have stood on stage in front of 10,000-12,000 people bi-weekly, & have preached to rooms of 2-5 people. I’ve preached internationally, conferences & will go to churches that no one knows. WHY?! I LOVE PEOPLE! Period. I’m not looking to be anyone’s daddy as I have a wonderful daughter, however I’ve been commissioned to invest myself deeper into the lives of the Senior Pastors I mentor daily & the spiritual sons & daughters God has blessed me with at the Equation Church. The narrative for doing ministry has to change!! So that’s my why! Well, why the price point of $20 bi-monthly?! I’ve learned that you can’t give wisdom to people who are just consumers... you have to give it to people who will sacrifice for it. $20 for bi-monthly sessions hold the individual accountable for participation & ensures that they don’t approach the sessions with familiarity, but as an investment. Secure your spot today. Fourth session is Thursday, Sept 19th.

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